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Asthmatuner is a unique patent pending system for self-management of asthma. It links patients to healthcare with the aim to improve diagnosis, monitoring and management of asthma.


Patients can easily download the app from AppStore or Google Play and create a user account with their own password. Your healthcare provider must also have access to Asthmatuner and your doctor or asthma nurse can make sure your treatment plan is up to date. You will then be able to see you treatment plan and which inhaler you should use on the screen of your smartphone.


Measure your lung function with the lung function device that automatically links to your phone using Bluetooth technology. The device measures FEV1 (The volume of air that you can breathe out in one second) which is the biological parameter that your doctor normally uses to determine lung function.


Register your symptoms.

Treatment recommendation
Treatment recommendation

The app will display an image of the inhaler you should use and the recommended dose.


Trend you asthma and lung function over time.



Asthma is a variable disease and treatment must be adjusted more frequently than it is possible to see a doctor. Therefore, it is up to patients themselves to decide what dose is needed, which is not easy. Asthmatuner provides a rapid and objective assessment of which dose that is appropriate. The patient is given an image of which inhaler to use and the number of inhalations that should be taken.


According to treatment guidelines for asthma all patients should receive an individualized treatment plan, but few patients actually get one. With Asthmatuner the doctor or nurse can quickly and easily create a treatment plan from existing templates that can be printed and sent to the patient’s app. The system saves time by simplifying and automating patient education which is an important part of asthma treatment. As a healthcare provider, you will also get better decision support, which results in an efficient meeting at the next clinic visit. By providing patients with effective self-care support, the number of unplanned visits is likely to decline and instead focus can be directed towards planned visits and towards those patients who need it most.


A US study shows that under treatment of a patient with asthma can cost society approximately $ 3000 per year. In Sweden there are about 800.000 asthma patients. National studies from Finland show that potential savings if health care providers and patients just follow the agreed treatment guidelines can amount to 30% of the direct cost of asthma treatment. In Sweden there are no recent figures on what asthma costs, but in 2005 the estimate was about SEK 7 billion annually.



Medituner aims to be the world leader in self-management systems and home diagnostics for respiratory diseases with emphasis on individualized treatment, patient education, and inhalation technique training. The overall aim is to improve care and make life easier for both patients and caregivers. Medituner was founded in 2014 within the Swedish healthcare system in collaboration with Karolinska Innovations AB with funding from Bio-X, Flemingsberg Science and Vinnova, and has also received support from the Stockholm County Council Innovation and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Health. In December 2015 Medituner was awarded the City of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship for our first product Asthmatuner.


Asthmatuner is currently being tested in a clinical cross-sectional study in children from the age of 6 and adults at the Karolinska University Hospital and at a number of primary health care centers in Stockholm. Asthma is variable which means that disease activity and inflammation varies with time. Therefore treatment needs be adjusted sometimes on a weekly or even daily basis. Traditional asthma treatment relies on patients themselves to determine how bad their asthma is and what treatment is needed. The uncertainty that results for the patient having to determine the correct dose can lead to under- or overtreatment and poor adherence (compliance) with treatment. In the study symptoms and lung function, adherence to treatment, and quality of life are monitored.

If you wish to participate, either as a patient or as a caregiver, or if you wish to participate in future studies, please contact us.

Symptoms and lung function0%

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Medicare Tuner AB has received funding from Bio-X, Vinnova, SLL Innovation, Nordic Accelerace, European Institute of Innovation and Technology and Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB. The first product, Asthmatuner, was awarded with the City of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship in December 2015. Asthmatuner is a self-management system for asthma which is patent pending and is currently being tested in a clinical study. Internationally the market is enormous as approximately 10% of the population has asthma. Medituner AB is developing several products designed to improve the diagnosis, self-treatment and inhalation technique. For continued expansive international growth we are looking for partners and funding, as well as distribution partners and we are also exploring licensing opportunities.